It is great to be in touch
with our loved ones

A complete care system to keep you
and your loved ones connected

Device features


Make and answer calls

Press and release the push button to call your carer or receive a call from them


Voice messages

Press and hold the push button to leave a voice message



Receive messages set by your carer to remind you of important things


Activity sensor

With the built-in movement sensor, the camera can be set to take a photo when detects movement or send a notification when there is lack of activity


Temperature sensor

Includes an external temperature sensor to alert you and your carer when your home to too cold or too hot


Night light

To minimize the risk of night-time accidents, the device has a night-light activated by motion

Easy installation

Download the App

Download the Tendr CareHub App from the Apple Store or Google play. You can also scan the QR code above.

Prepare your device for pairing

Remove the protective film on the device, plug in the temperature sensor and connect to a power source.

Pair it with your smartphone

Press Add device and follow the on-screen steps. The app will guide you to complete the configuration.

Unlimited locations

You can monitor multiple rooms and locations simultaneously. Simply open App and add a CareHub. As easy as it sounds.

We can offer you discounts if you wish to buy more than a single unit.

Unlimited accounts, cost zero

Create your own circle of trust by inviting relatives, friends or designated caregivers. With your admin privileges you will be able to manage their access.

The system does not require a cloud repository therefore your information is safe on your mobile phone at cost zero.

We care because we want to make sure
our loved ones are safe at home