About us

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of families. We design, develop and sell products and services that give you and your elderly parents assurance and peace of mind.

TendrCare is born as a new brand designed to address the problems of millions of families and informal carers who want to look after their loved ones but need help to live more independently.

Our first product, CareHub, is a simple platform (App) that enables you to easily monitor and look after your elderly parent while allowing the whole family to stay in touch and maintain an independent life.

TendrCare has established its operations in Sheffield and London.

Why we care

It's our responsibility

As we see our own parents age, we feel a sense of responsibility to care for them.

We want to give them the support they need to help them live at home peacefully.

Independent living matters

In most cases, remaining in their home is by far the best choice for everyone.

Beyond the cost savings keeping them in a safe, familiar environment can prolong their health and do wonders for the well being of your entire family.

Helping 700,000+ unpaid carers

According to Alzheimers.org in the UK alone there are 700,000 informal carers caring for their loved ones.

The CareHub can help families keep a watchful eye on your loved ones.

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